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Uruguayan Post has a scalable system that continues to grow

About the project

The Uruguayan Postal Service is the public postal service company in Uruguay. Its objective is to materialize universal access for the entire Uruguayan society, making it easier to meet its communication, logistic and financial services demands.


The Postal Service had the challenge of modernizing its IT systems, developing an interoperability platform aimed at integrating traditional solutions with the new requirements of the Postal Act.


An interoperability platform was built by integrating the different internal systems of the Postal Service, while working on the modernization of the most critical ones.

A single back office portal was implemented, which improved the user experience and integrated the solutions into a single site and served as a basis for adding more functionalities.

The process implied a change in the Postal Service’s methodology, adopting agile processes and software development.

The Results:

Today, the Post has a scalable system that continues to grow, is flexible, and served as the basis for the successive developments implemented by the institution.


Correo Uruguayo


Jboss 7
Apache Wicket
Apache Camel
Apache Wicket
Apache Camel.


Product development and Back-end development

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